Gauthiier - (Selected) Index

(selected) index of academic work


Loading... 800% Slower

Loading... 800% Slower addresses modern deceits and their latest scripts. It is concerned with the détournement of web pages’ critical rendering paths so that browsers can render what these pages really are: designed assaults. By slowing down to an excessive degree the bitrate of an internet connection while a browser plugin renders audible the various invisible and dubious scripts and DOM elements composing a given html page, this project feeds forward the uncanny temporality of human consciousness in rendering almost still (and loud) the signals of the machine.

Waveforms of the Earth

Waveforms of the Earth is a sound art installation that juxtaposes geology, ersatz monuments and 8-bit sound synthesis. Silicon, salt, crystals, and volts are the installation's primary elements through which matter manifests, transduces, synthesises, oscillates, de-phases, and modulates itself as reverberations of a hypnotic state of flux. Geodes collected from ancient Salzburgian salt-mines are displayed on monumental plinths that synthesise and amplify their immemorial din from below. The installation reveals the scene of an occult ritual, fixing the horizon of a pre-scientific epoch, where geological and synthetic compounds are the surrogate of a meta-physics to come.


CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE is the result of a three months residency at Transmediale: Afterglow. A thicket of altered and unaltered metrological survey equipment is the principle element of the project, standing aloft in the colossal shell of the Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW), offering visitors precise perspectives on questionable data, through numerous viewfinders and reference markers placed in the space. The survey allows direct total observation of signals and fluctuations occuring during the festival, revealing the materials and systems that allow media arts, media artists, festivals and venues to exist and persist.


VSIONHAIRIES is a collective that produce custom synthesisers. The Cheap, Fat and Open lineage consists of a bunch of small, big, networked, standalone and unorthodoxly shaped 8-bit synthesisers. From the hardware design to the wave synthesis engine, all the science and engineering of the instruments has been built from scratch in a basement in Nørrebro since 2010.VSIONHAIRIES perform, workshop and exhibit their instruments and are continuously in the process of building new synthetic waveforms.


Medieval-style tapestry woven on a Jaquard loom featuring broché patterns composed of conductive threads. The tapestry's patterns are capacitive sensing electrodes that modulate charge and sound. This 7 meters long weave acts as a (body) transducer, transforming movement, proximity, physical impulses and frictions into an acoustic sound scape.


Visual representation of satellite signals originating from the Hungarian Masat-1 capsule orbiting around the planet earth. The piece is an internet-based visual manifestation of the various Masat-1 signals sent from space: five arrows rotate according to the data signals (battery levels, temperature, rotations, location) creating hypnotic visual patternings.

Refractive Index

Investigations into the reflective and refractive power of public media displays. Imagery and software marks the physical effect that public media displays have on city spaces. An art-research project that uses large scale displays as a kind of active camera obscura; inverting the usual use of the screen and showing us what our screens "see" when they peer into the night sky.


Installation composed of various electroactive polymer structures (EAP) morphing shape according to electro impulse, modulated signals and synthetic waveforms. This project questions how self-morphing structures can contribute in establishing in a synergic, and perhaps uncanny, relationship between humans and synthetic matter. The installation calcifies over time as the supporting technology becomes obsolete, transferring non-human waveforms back into reverberating psychic phenomenon.

Je ne t'art

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The Amulet

Media, Arts and Sciences research project focusing on the concepts and techniques of virality. As 21st century networks are bound to bits, the reign of the "content" is being rendered absurd by the logic of copies and packet switching: the reign of the algorithm.


SKORPIONS are a set of kinetic electronic garments that move and change on the body in slow, organic motions. They have anthropomorphic qualities and can be imagined as parasites that inhabit the skin of the host. They breathe and pulse, controlled by their own internal programming. They are not interactive artifacts insofar as their programming does not respond to simplistic sensor data. They have intentionality; they are programmed simply to exist and subsist.

Mobile Digital Commons

Art and practice based research project focusing on the concept of Wireless Commons. How radio technology establish local connections that constantly reposition and reorient subjects in far-reaching digital networks? How these communication conduits create diffuse territories defined by ad-hoc connections / disconnections, creating new unfoldings of space and place?


Piece created part of an Arts and Technology research project focusing on constrained gestures and signalling theory. Various body-centric apparatuses were devised part of the research and a miniature hardware platform was created capturing, quantising and categorising gestures and body movement. Digital signals are analysed by special 2D DSP algorithms who extract specific movement features and produce related signalling taxonomies, allowing the apparatus to react to the body.